Artist Feature: Brian Geihl, Dogfish Media

Our first Minnesota Makers artist feature is Brian Geihl from Dogfish Media. Brian has been with Minnesota Makers since June 2015. His work is award winning and we couldn’t be happier that he joined us and is one of our best selling artists.

Brian is a Minneapolis based printmaker and graphic designer and has been busy screen printing for 6 years. He admits to creating art about things he loves which include Minnesota, Twin Cities architecture, music, sports and the outdoors. He designs and hand prints all of his work in his custom built studio. He also signs and numbers all of his prints so you get an even more personalized piece of art.

Brian’s style ranges from photo realist imagery to illustrated line work. His color palette tends to be bright and cheerful. He often utilizes ink blends to create secondary colors that build harmony throughout the piece. The use of metallic inks also gives some pieces a reflective quality that separates printmaking from other mediums.

Minnesota Makers carries a wide variety of Brian’s work. His prints are popular and and we know you will love them too!


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