Artist Feature: Nicole Fierce, Fierce Glass

Nicole Fierce is an emerging glass artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been blowing glass for almost six years. She first fell in love with glass art at FOCI – Minnesota Center for Glass Arts and has since delved as deeply as possible into learning more. She is now blowing glass exclusively at a new facility in St. Paul, titled Vandalia Glassworks.

Nicole tells people that “blowing glass changed my life.” As you talk with her, a complex story evolves to show her deep relationship with glass art. She talks about moving slow and fast at the same time, conquering a fear of failure, how glass is a material thing and sometimes it breaks, and how being critical of yourself is essential. The process of learning a craft with such a steep learning curve is clearly something that drives her.

Her work is primarily made of bright, high contrast color combinations and is designed to remind you of childhood or candy. Nicole wants her work to bring a playful sense of joy to everyday life – a goal that has made most of her glass art functional wares.

We carry many of Nicole’s pieces at Minnesota Makers including vases, bowls, drinking glasses, and paperweights. Many of her pieces are in the storefront window, where even on a cloudy, gloomy day the colors are alive and bring happiness into the shop.


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