Artist Feature: Christa Tess Kalk, The Beadtique Jewelry


Christa is the owner of The Beadtique Jewelry as well as Minnesota Makers. She was raised in a very crafty family. Her grandmother made seasonal and holiday crafts for every occasion and her mom does custom sewing and alterations. With these influences, there were always reasons to participate in some type of crafty activity.

Early on, Christa learned she had an aversion to less expensive metals after turning an awful shade of green on many occasions after wearing cheap jewelry. She soon realized she didn’t need store bought jewelry at all–she could make her own pieces with much better quality metals and materials. This meant that her jewelry wasn’t throw away jewelry, but could actually last and go from everyday wear to something she could keep for many years to come.

Striving for quality and beauty in jewelry is important, while also keeping prices affordable. Christa uses quality materials in the jewelry she creates with personally selected natural stones, gemstones, pearls, and sterling silver. She travels regularly and the materials she finds around the world are present in her work. The pieces she makes for you will be keepsakes that can be worn and treasured. She loves to make custom pieces too–just ask!

Christa really enjoys working with rare and mined out stones. She also loves to talk about stones–if you have any questions on what you see, she is always ready to fill you in on materials used, origins of the stones, and even some metaphysical beliefs about certain stones. If you have something in mind, but don’t see it in the store, there is a good chance she can make it for you.

Christa and her husband Jay Kalk have the good fortune of working together in the store and collaborating on many jewelry pieces. Jay does lapidary work (cutting and polishing stones) and Christa does the beadwork and silversmithing. What a lovely combination!



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