Artist Feature: Hadley Barrows & Megan Moore, Antler A

Megan and Hadley created a children’s book called Antler A featuring the alphabet and Minnesota/cabin items to represent each letter. We have the book available in both hardcover and paperback versions at Minnesota Makers.
They have been best friends since they met while working at at a running store in 2003. At the time, they were just out of college and their first “date” as friends was to try to float down Minnehaha creek on inner tubes. They floated forever and ever and finally just got out of the creek and walked (3 blocks) back to their car. Even though the plan was unsuccessful, their date was fruitful because they had a lot of time to talk. They are always trying to start business endeavors together and now that they both have kids, they have play dates together too.
Megan and Hadley decided to create Antler A while at a “creative retreat” at the cabin. This is mostly just a master plan to have a girls weekend, but they do work on stuff while they are there. Hadley wrote Antler A on that retreat and then handed it over to Megan for the illustrations. After a lot of time passed, Hadley thought Megan might have forgotten about their plan to make the book. She didn’t want to pressure her because it’s a ton of work and she makes a living as an artist and they didn’t know if the book would make any money – it was a huge ask. But then for Hadley’s birthday two years ago, Megan gave her the art. It was so beautiful and the best birthday present she had ever received. Hadley says that having Megan give her the art so that they could try self-publishing this book together meant so much. It was so much work but she was saying she believed in the book and in them working together.
The ladies are working on another book which is a story Hadley has been wanting to tell for 5 years and it’s coming together really well. They are not sure when it will be done but it’s definitely going to happen!


About the Author

Hadley Barrows has been a professional writer for more than ten years. She has taught writing to teens and adults in classes through The Loft, Minneapolis Community Education, private tutoring and other workshops. She has a degree in Journalism from Drake University and a Master of Business Administration from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. She lives in Minneapolis and loves to spend time in the Great Up North with her husband and two sons. Antler A is her first book.


About the Illustrator

Megan Moore grew up in Huntsville, AL. She studied illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She moved to Minneapolis in 2002, and began showing her art locally. She is a member of Studiopolis, a nine-artist studio in the Northrop King Building. She shows her work in regional galleries, shops and at many art fairs. She does freelance illustration and graphic design work in addition to personal and commissioned paintings. Megan lives in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis with her husband, son and daughter.

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