Another Beginning!


If you haven’t heard yet…we are moving!!! We are thrilled with the exciting new location we have found and the possibilities that lie there.

As we mentioned in a previous post, we opened our store in our Minneapolis location on a whim. The opportunity to move into the space landed in our laps unexpectedly and we decided to jump on it and open the store. Our first year in business was so much more successful than we could have hoped for. We grew to represent over 60 artists from around the state of Minnesota in our small space. After much consideration, we knew we needed more space. After casually looking for about six months, we found our new location in historic downtown Robbinsdale. Our new space is double our current store size, we have an area for art classes, and it is only 2 miles from our home. It’s a win/win/win!

Thank you for your support of our artist collective this past year. We invite you to visit us at our new location: 4180 West Broadway, Robbinsdale as of September 1st. You will also find a variety of restaurants, a brewery, coffee shops, as well as other shops. We hope to see you soon and often!

Jay and Christa Kalk


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