Artist Feature: Angie McGuire, Muddy Mouth Cards


IMG_3508 (1)

While the Muddy Mouth card section comes with a warning–“read at your own risk”–we often hear people in that section laughing out loud as they go through the cards. They are a huge seller and when you want to say what Hallmark won’t, these are the go-to cards to send!

Angie grew up in Eden Prairie with 2 brothers, a pug, and a love of pretty things and clever words. Using skills learned at her previous job as a designer at Archiver’s, a local scrapbook company, she started adding her own sense of sarcasm and profanity to the cards she was making. The response from friends was so positive that she decided to sell them on Etsy. It’s been three years since she began and the business is wildly successful! Angie currently writes and design each card and her friend Karla Ruhr hand makes each card. Angie says she could not do the business without her. Angie’s husband, John, handles some shipping, operates the folding machine, and the duo can often be seen at local pop up shops.



There is no doubt that people often ask Angie where she comes up with the ideas for cards. She said she hates to admit she has a dirty, dirty mind, but it’s the truth. She keeps a running list in her phone of things people say that she thinks are funny and she can work into a card or occasions that come up when people say, “I wish I had a card for that!” The top searched words online are usually really inappropriate or for very specific occasions (hysterectomy, divorce, cancer…). Angie looks forward to shocking you with the next round of Muddy Mouth Cards.




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