Artist Feature: Cristie Young, Golden Gurl

Cristie Young started “The Golden Gurl” in 2014 in her one bedroom apartment. She was working full time in software customer management and needed an outlet to let her creativity fly. She created her first product, called the sequin hanger. She doesn’t sell them anymore – but it was the gateway into her creative soul and has spun into something that is so rewarding for her.
She loves creating items that people love to use. Anytime someone laughs at one of her sayings, or giggles, it makes her burst with happiness. Cristie’s inspiration comes from everything clean, light, and metallic. She loves a girly hint and hue to a lot of things. Her favorite pallet to work with would be shades of grey, white, blush, and rose gold.

Cristie now creates everything in her home office. No longer confined to a one bedroom apartment, she recently found a space in her house that works best for her to create. She begins her designs on her iPad Pro in the Procreate app with an apple pencil. The ideas are endless and after sketching she transforms them in her design software. After everything is designed she uploads to her Vinyl plotter and the plotter does the hard work in cutting out all of the permanent decals/sayings to create the best mugs, wine glasses, and tumblers.

You can find them all at Minnesota Makers. Stop in today and you will see why Cristie’s work is so popular!

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