Artist Feature: Michelle and Laura, Mom and Me Candles


Michelle and Laura are a mother-daughter duo who make up Mom and Me Soy Candles. Simply put, they enjoy spending time together working towards a common goal of producing a pleasing, environmentally responsible, and natural candle. They started making candles six or seven years ago when Mom (Michelle) approached Daughter (Laura) about a Community Education class she saw on making your own homemade soy candles. The ladies signed up for the class, and immediately were hooked. They not only learned about the candle-making process, but the benefits of soy candles, and more importantly, the not-so-great things about conventional ‘paraffin’ based candles (paraffin wax is petroleum based).


Michelle and Laura started out making candles for themselves, and would give a few as gifts here and there. It turned out that their friends and family members loved their candles as much as they did! The ladies started getting orders and ‘hints’ from people that they wanted some as gifts. It was an exciting feeling to know that people got (and continue to get) as much enjoyment out of their product as they did.


The environment and living sustainably has always been an important part of their lives. When Michelle and Laura found out the conventional candles they had been burning for years were potentially harmful to their health and the environment, they knew they wanted to start making their own natural ones regularly. Soy wax is made from soybeans, a renewable resource, and soy wax burns virtually soot free. They also really liked the fact that soy wax can easily be removed from hard surfaces simply with hot, soapy water. Because of this, they found that they could re-use the glass jar the 4 and 8 ounce candles come in after the candle was done burning, which is a great way to reduce waste! Additionally, Michelle and Laura started paying attention to the fragrances used in conventional candles, and decided to find a natural based scent to use as well. All of the Mom and Me fragrances are made from a soy-based oil, and many contain essential oils. They frequently hear stories from people who have sensitivities to conventional candles who can now enjoy candles again.


Buying local is important to Michelle and Laura. The jars they use are produced in the USA. All of the other candle making supplies are purchased through a candle supply company located in southern Minnesota. Additionally, the soy wax we use is made from US grown, GMO free soybeans.

prepping candles

When the ladies get together to make candles, they plan to be busy for the whole day. They take over Michelle’s kitchen and start an assembly line of candle making steps. They have the process down now and can produce 100-200 candles in a day! Luckily, they have supportive family members that don’t mind not being able to use the kitchen all day. A quick breakdown of the process is this: The jars need to be prepped with the wick. Simultaneously, the wax and dye need to melt until it’s all liquid, and then the wax has to cool. Once it reaches a certain temperature, the scent can be added and then the wax/scent combo poured into the candle jars. If the scent is added when the wax is too hot, the scent will evaporate. After the candles have been poured, they have to sit for a couple of days in order to cure and harden before the wicks can be trimmed. Once two days have passed, the wicks can be trimmed, and the jars cleaned of any spilled wax. Lids and labels are added, and they are ready to go.

We carry a wide variety of Mom and Me Candles at Minnesota Makers including seasonal scents sure to make your home smell amazing. Stop by and sniff the candles today. We dare you to smell the famous “Monkey Farts” candles!

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