Tony & Candace Nelson, PuzzleTwist®


Tony and Candace Nelson have teamed up with local artist to provide unique jigsaw puzzles with a twist. Their brand is called PuzzleTwist®. Each puzzle they produce has a common twist where the image on the box cover is slightly different than the jigsaw puzzle you’ll assemble. The intent is to make the overall jigsaw experience more fun and engaging as you discover unexpected surprises. The puzzles are a little more challenging than traditional puzzles but they are not intended to be impossible…primarily more fun!

We carry a wide variety of PuzzleTwist® Puzzles at Minnesota Makers as well as playing cards featuring the work of Adam Turman. We regularly have customers coming back to purchase puzzle after puzzle–they are so fun!

Local artists photographed include (from left to right):

Local artist to Robbinsdale, Sarah Thornton collaborated with the team to create a unique puzzle to include in the Mixed Up! puzzle series. She provided various paintings from her dog-centric collection. We carry Sarah’s dog prints in the store as well!

Nature photographer Mike Lentz, from Lakeville, contributed striking wildlife photographs of songbirds, wild animals and ducks for use in the 4More! series.

Candace and Tony Nelson, creators of the brand PuzzleTwist.

Steve Barry, who lives in Crystal, created the most polarizing PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzle called Sweet Surprise. In this jigsaw puzzle the box cover displays a black and white image of candy. The puzzle reveals an image in full color. Not only that… Steve strategically placed the candy so that the colors of the candy also reveal an image that is not seen in black and white.
Nancy Carney – has created puzzles of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota.

A native to St. Paul, John Roy has won numerous blue ribbon awards at the Minnesota State Fair for his unique Americana artwork. His work can be found as part of the Something’s Amiss jigsaw puzzle series titled “Roadside Americana.

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